My research is focused on achieving robust and autonomous robotic locomotion in unstructured environments by means of autonomous motion planning and machine learning.


Poznan University of Technology
Institute of Control and Information Engineering
ul. Potrowo 3A
60-965 Poznan


Dominik Belter

tel. +48616652809
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I am the member of Mobile and Walking Robots Team established in 2007 in Institute of Control and Information Engineering  (ICIE) at Poznan University of Technology. In March 2012, I finished my PhD thesis entitled Gait control of the six-legged robot on a rough terrain using computational intelligence learning and optimization methods.
I proposed a whole system for autonomous motion planning and execution for a statically stable walking robot. The RRT-based precise planner searches for a full motion path for the robot. The posture of the robot is optimized to maximize the kinematic and stability margin. During execution of the motion, the robot acquires new information about the terrain (the robot does not have a map of the terrain in advance and it uses a dedicated measurement system). The algorithm allows to re-plan the path whenever the environment model is updated (guided RRT algorithm). The proposed methods enable the robot to operate autonomously in an unknown and unstructured environment.


Now I am focused on planning of dynamic locomotion in unstructured environments.